Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Friday: Weekend getaways

Northeastern coast is experiencing some melting temperatures as of lately.
Highs of 38C/100F, but with Humidex we're reaching 48C+, 118F+. INSANELY HOT HOT HOT!
This is what it must feel like in the deserts, or India/Africa.

Here's a nice way to say: Enjoy your weekend.
I'll be parked near a pool or lake (haven't decided), and drinking some Iced Americano/ Cold Brews.
Cranking up the Air Con Unit and being a hermit during peak sun times.

How will you be beating the heat?
(after the jump, find out more information about exciting coffees ahead)

Prepping for some lovely coffees that will be coming in from Calgary, New York, Los Angeles.

If you want to be apart of some live cuppings/sample tastings or would like to trade 1/2 lb bags; drop an e-mail to 
We can continue the conversation offline.

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