Monday, July 4, 2011

M^4: July 4th edition

Spotted: Manic Coffee
Beans: Black Cat
Comp: Brazil and Panama
Roasters: Intelligentsia
Located: Chi-town, Illinois

Happy USA day, (Independence/ non monarchy/ 4th of July - Fireworks)

Let's run down some articles that were making waves:

1) CCBC: July 5-6 at St. Lawrence Market
2) Brown Coffee Co. (NY state laws legalized Marriage between same-sexed partners)
The twitter comments comparing natural law versus human laws....
3) Guatemala COE being cupped for auctioning... (Via James Hoffman
4) TED Global announces roasters for the July meeting in Scotland. Coffee Common is there;
Hasbean, St.Ali, Square Mile, Taf, Ecco, Gimmie, Koppi, Waterloo Tea.

Happy Espresso Adventures
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