Monday, July 25, 2011

M^4: Pleasent surprises

MONDAY MORNING MANIC MUFFINS! (just in case you were wondering what M^4 meant)

Hope everyone cooled down with the heat wave. For some it was a shock to their system with upward of 100F/40C temperatures - similar to the insides of a kitchen... but it's now cooled down.
At least we have seasons here.

Wrap up of what was making coffee headlines this week:
  • Randy Hogg from Bridgehead takes the ERBC over in good old QC
  • reporting of an event on Aug 4th: Cafe Grumpy in Park Slope.
    (Art from Origin) ART SHOW and COFFEE, fused together? #ifonlyIwasinNYC
  • Video of Coffee Common's First public event in London - Prufrock

  • Coffee Common at Prufrock from Coffee Common on Vimeo.
  • Looks like good times!
  • Got in 5 different coffee from Fratello in Calgary, this week will be cuppings and tastings.
More adventures prior to the long weekend - Civic styles!


    1. Little correction ... Randy Hogg is from Brdigehead Coffee in Ottawa ... (review of a location is on Coffeestork)

    2. Correcting myself ...