Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DC: Peregrine Espresso

Peregrine Espresso
Address: 660 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast
Neighbourhood: Capitol Hill
website, @twitter, (202) 629-4381

Coming to an end to the DC tour meant we would end up at Peregrine. Opening in 2008 (former spot of another Murky Coffee location) is located in the pristine neighbourhood in Capitol Hill where the streets were unbelievably clean. Eerie to a point that I felt as if I was in Singapore. THAT CLEAN! Sammy made sure we got a chance to make it before heading to Cafe Pronto.

Using exclusively NE charmers Counter Culture meant I'd be tasting their seasonal blend: Apollo
Rolling up into the cafe, the outdoor patio was bustling during the afternoon lull. 2PM and it was the hangout spot.
Notice several bags of 5lbs. coffee bags sitting outdoors - by the door. When I inquired with the baristas, "its free for anyone - mostly used as fertilizer for gardens." Such a great way to re-use coffee grinds, and reduce our impact of unnecessary waste. Glad that Peregrine makes a conscious effort to reduce their impact.

As we made our decisions for our orders - decided to brew up Sidamo Ardi in the beehive -pour over, and espresso (of course)

The Basics:

Machine:  2 Group La Marzocco GB5
Beans: Apollo 4.3
65% Mexican
             35% Konga, Ethiopia
Roasters: Counter Culture Coffee
Located: Durham, NC

Verdict: Buttery mouthfeel, with sharp hints of lemon, and savory caramelized sugared cinnamon.
Hickory, sweetness, and deep cocoa finish.

Their marble espresso bar is definitely a great design aspect - along with their colours for their cafe. Nice warm green accents that makes you all fuzzy. Thoughts of the cottage immediately pop into my head, with the lake in the foreground and the sun shimmering in your eye as it bounces off lake.
They also have all your brewing needs!
Wish I was back in the D.C. Area.
Stay tuned for next week: when I make a visit to Cafe Pronto, and check out the new Coava KONE 2.0

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