Sunday, July 31, 2011

DC: M.E. Swing

M.E. Swing
Address:1702 G Street NorthWest (17th and G)
Neighbourhood: Downtown Washington
website, @twitter, (202) 898-7899

Going through my one-day DC area Espresso Adventure, I realized I missed a location. After driving from Filter Coffee, we made our way to M.E. Swing (Iconic coffee house near the White House), where the history is captured in the wall hangings. Apologizes for misleading you on the group.

Coffee Roasting is their first and foremost passion. Starting in 1916. They're located right around the corner from the White House with history being framed in their countless memorabilia. It's almost like a walk into a museum with their old school grinders, and high-top tables for stand-up espresso shots. Gotta get in and out, when you're trying to run the country...

Machine: 4 group LM FB80
Beans: Espresso 90
Composition: Secret - but there is some Harra.
Roasters: Self

Verdict: high lemon acidity, muted cherry tones and some chocolate notes with tea like finish. Afterwards it was a little flat as the drink cooled down. Hope that the weather was more of an issue than normal, because this institution would be disappointing if it was the regular situation.

I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the history lesson. Would hope for a sweeter espresso, but that's my taste buds screaming for more explosion flavours.
There's only so many you can please......
Notes from the Roasters: The first sight of the exquisite crema on our 90th anniversary espresso signals a timeless coffee experience, the culmination of our carefully sourced beans and almost a century of coffee expertise. Appreciated by skilled baristas, Espresso 90 is a Northern Italian espresso roast, adding to the inherent sweetness of a well-poured latte or cappuccino. Wonderfully active and well-balanced on the palette, our signature espresso moves from notes of black cherry and pomegranate to a smooth, expressive dark chocolate finish.

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