Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food for Thought: Gayley's Cafe

Gayley's Cafe
Address:1424 College Street West
Neighbourhood: Little Portugal
website, @twitter, Tel: (416) 538-3443

Visiting the West is usually a task that I often enjoy - part of the exploration of food, friends and good times. Part of the food for thought will chronicle the joys of espresso through establishment more recognized as restaurants.

Continuing down this road is Gayley's. Neighbourhood charmer that fits about 8 small tables - but comfortable enough to enjoy your meal. Nice bay window to view passer-bys and take in the sunlight. A counter full of goodness in baked format, and a wall with 10 different coffee beans available for purchase.
Freshly prepared meals is what drives their menu.

Gladstone and College - everything here is prepared fresh and in house.
Service might be slower than the status quo 7 minutes, it's because they're hard at work creating food.

Verdict on the espresso: smooth velvet taste - but not enough character to really stand out.

They have a lot of beans available for selections, and the smells of the cafe make you want to linger
On this trip I order the
homemade waffles w warm apples+fresh cream.
Go Try it for yourself!
Happy Espresso Adventures

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