Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured Bean: Bisogno (Archive)

Bisogno Espresso Bar
Address: 61 Sherbourne Street
Neighbourhood: Lower Sherborune/ St. Lawrence Market
website, @twitter, Tel 416-301-7633

Recently going through some coffee archives and noticed that I did not post up my experience with Detour's Santa Clara. Realizing it's not available for purchase, it's still good to throw my thoughts about my experience over at Bisogno.
Always a line-up (pre 9AM) for drinks, it's not surprising that the condo dwellers have made it their morning ritual to descend here. If you notice the location - this was taken when there was still snow.
Experienced this SO espresso sometime in March.
Am I hinting that I want winter - heck NO. I'm enjoying this heat wave! Bring on the California Sun!
More Sun, More Sunscreen, More bronzing power!
Machine: La Marzocco GB5
Grinder: Mazzer Robur
Beans: Santa Clara, Guatemala

Composition: Single Origin
Roasters: Detour Coffee Roasters

Located: Dundas/Burlington, ON

Verdict: Sweet fleshy barlett pear notes, with traditional cocoa.

Can't wait until next crop!

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