Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NY: Cafe Grumpy (Park Slope)

Cafe Grumpy
Address: 383 7th Avenue
Neighbourhood: Park Slope
Borough: Brooklyn
website, @cafegrumpy, 718-499-4409

 A visit over to Prospect Park, meant that I'd be able to see what's happening at the narrow location of Cafe Grumpy in Park Slope. Literally less than 10 minute walk from the lushish greenery, I was treated to a hand poured cup using a Kone Chemex Filter made by Coava Coffee. As I approached the exterior of the unassuming location, I spotted a couple sitting on the bench outside, enjoying their Iced Drinks. It's been quite the swelter in NYC with temperatures reaching 27+ degree range (80ishF), but the rain has also made the days not so enjoyable.

Upon entering the cafe I noticed the nice communal table/more of a stand-up table than sit-comfy and park yourself with your laptop spot. The shop has high ceilings and decorated with the right touches. Having a 2 cup Kone Brew bar (times 2), and a single group espresso machine, allows them to focus their attention of brewing the customer the best coffee around.
On this sweltering day, I still need a hot brewed coffee. Upon recommendation of Caroline; the Guatemala was the delicious brewed choice for this Grumpy experience.
Method: Kone 1.0
Beans: El Limonar:: Rosa Maria Ovalle Mont's Farm
Located: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Roasters: Cafe Grumpy
Located: Greenpoint, BK

Verdict: After allowing the brew to cool down resulted in "Maltese" melting in your mouth, with an aromatic county fair candied apple stand

Roasters words:
Sweet malted milk chocolate, cotton candy, key lime& kiwi.
El Limonar is located close to the Mexican border in the mountainous region of Huehuetenango. This farm was originally part of the renowned Finca El Injerto which was divided between the two Aguirre brothers who had inherited the estate. El Limonar is now owned and managed by Rogelio Aguirre’s widow, Rosa MarĂ­a Ovalle Mont. She is focused on quality and sustainability for this 123 hectare farm.

Native shade trees have been planted in the higher areas of the farm to give the coffee around 60% shade. There is an on-site wet mill where treatment tanks are used to purify and recycle the waste water. Left over coffee pulp is then recycled as a fertilizer.

Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai varietals. Fully-washed.
Jumped the chronological order of my trip, but I had to share my experience. Not only about the cafe, but they have their 4th location running
NEW Location 13 Essex Street. (Lower East Side).

Plus they've gone back to making their own pastries, and hopefully we'll see pairings with edibles happen more often.

LES, and Brooklyn/ Williamsburg are definitely hubs for espresso magic.
Glad that the joy of the "third" wave is spreading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience at the cafe', I often wondered if it was a good experience there.