Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alice in a Haze: Wunderland

Wunderland Art Gallery and Espresso
Address: 1905 Queen Street West
Neighbourhood: The Beaches (or officially "The Beach")
website, 416-698-4634

Summer is here, and it's a lot easier to motivate yourself to go out in the early brisk mornings for the jog around the block. Since the spring months, I noticed the newly painted house near Woodbine and Queen, but never gave it more than a quick glance.
"Wunderland".... with the Cheshire Cat eyes - seemed magical, with cobble front courtyard. It seemed like a new store front/ art gallery for the beaches.
On an evening run recently I noticed it was actually an espresso bar, but how could I just stop in for an espresso and continue the run - well, I could have but that just seemed - cafe faux-pas.
(read after the jump of my non-sweaty experience)

Opening the shop in April, but even opened when I would run past (pre 7am, post 8pm)... meant that I'd have to try on a day where travelling EAST to the Beaches would be fun.

The Goods:
Machine: Nuova Simonelli
Grinder: Mazzer Major
Beans: SuperBar                        Iconti
Comp: Potpurri

Roasters: Rufino
Located: Concord, ON

Verdict: Balanced superbar shot. On par with other Rufino shots that I've had, but the sweetness wasn't shining.

Peter, was actually going into competition in a couple of days. He pulled about 4 shots to get the best one, and with the humidity on this visit, I really don't blame him

What stuck out most about this cafe, was the old beaches house interior lined with dark wooden furniture The Bar is nicely crafted along with the cabin tables/ stools. Not only is this space a cafe, but double as art gallery. what a great way to fill the void that was Tofino (that closed down last Fall). New sheriff in the Beaches... without travelling to the end. It's a great space to visit, they're hoping to expand selections soon, but with such a great workhorse, let's see how the weather plays out.


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