Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Results: CCBC (Prelims)

Rough notes from CCBC (Please excuse incorrect information)

10AM      Tyler from Te Aro Roasted (Brazilian Direct Trade)
                            signature drink: Siphon + caramel + espresso (in a long shot glass)
10:45AM Sameer from Fahrenheit (SO Kenyan Kandaru) Roasted for 14 minutes.
                First sip: Bright, 2nd sip: Citrus Sweetness.
                Sig Drink: extracts, Espro, Whipped cream, cherries
11:15AM Juilian from Jimmy's Coffee
                Sig Drink: Espresso Martini Orange zest chocolate cream reduction (cf Aussie candy called Jacker)
11:40AM Richardfrom Good Neighbour Cafe (BlackCat: Brazil and Panama)
                Sig Drink: Caramle Gelato, Jamican Ginger beer, and Matcha + espro
12:10PM : Richard
               Sig Drink/espro looked interesting ; Over ice and an icecream sandwich?
12:40PM    Matthew  - Independent      (Ethiopian )
1:00 PM: David from Wunderland (Rufino Iconti/Superbar)
1:30PM: Alex from LIT ( Ethiopian Farm)
              Sig Drink: Red Eye two different roasts)
2PM: Katrina
2:30PM: Thomas
3:15PM: Chris from Te Aro (Panama, and Sidamo - Elevens?)
              Sig Drink: Sparkling Iced Americano
3:35pm Robert from Dark Horse
4:10PM Thomas from Cafe Pamenar
4:30PM Brad Sig drink but definitely has some syringe action happening

I wasn't able to view the rest..... =(
5PM Onwards: Cynthia, Dale-Jay 
                        Geoff.. from Detour

This is definitely an incomplete list, will update tonight

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