Friday, August 12, 2011

Featured Bean: Gethumbwini (Kenya)

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Featured Bean:
Farm: Gethumbwini Estate
Origin: Thika, Central Province, Kenya
Varietals: SL-28 and SL-34 varieltals 
Process: Washed and slow fermentation.
Dried: Raised BedsAltitude:1800 masl in rich red volcanic soil

VERDICT: As you break rinds of a grapefruit, the citrus oils fill the surrounding air, weakening your knees, falling to the ground. As you take in another sip, it's this tea-like finish that coats your tongue, and is rounded out by a familiar dark chocolate, thick heavy syrup aromas hitting your nose.

From the Roasters:

Pineapple, white tea, red grapefruit; molasses.
Abundant wildlife is found on the Estate and the farm members are educated about the importance of preserving these species which include snakes, hares, owls, weaver birds, hawks and hippos. Employees and their families are provided with a number of benefits including full medical care and schooling.
“Blind Assessment: Deeply sweet and deeply pungent with round, complexly rich Kenya fruit: grapefruit, black currant, strawberry, supported by an undercurrent of fresh-cut fir. Ringing, resonant acidity, syrupy mouthfeel, flavor-saturated finish.
Who Should Drink It: Simply a superb coffee, as grand as it is balanced and inviting, as fine with milk as it is black.”
-Kenneth Davids, 
Coffee Review, June 2011

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