Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NY: Bakeri

150 Wythe Avenue
Neighbourhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

website, @twitter, Tel: 718.388.8037

Finding those local charms is fair from easy, not only do you need to have a good insight, but recommendations from trusted sources is key. Sure, one can look up top 10 cafes in Brooklyn, but Bakeri may not be included. It really should. Located on the outer limits of Williamsburg, past all the industrial warehouses, but still within a good walking distance from the Metro is this cafe.
"The shoes" gives a tell-tale sign of what the neighbourhood used to be, but with our Trustifarians it's transforming quicker than when the Red Ranger calls out for his T-Rex robot to appear. Stuck in the more industrial part of the hood, makes an oasis of calm - Bakeri.
Opening in 2009, the sights and smells reminds me of what a grandma's kitchen located in the countryside. Baked goods are prominently displayed in the case, but the wafting delicious smells fill the air, and you can't escape the savoury, sweet and butter scents.

Recommended by the man himself, Oliver Strand, it was not going to be missed at all!

Machine: LM Linea
Grinder: Too distracted by the light summer sights and smells of the cafe to even concentrate enough.
Beans: Bune Ababa

Composition: Konga, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Roasters: Counter Culture Coffee

Located: Durham, NC

Verdict: Jasmine Tea - with strong tea qualities. Lemon-pop.

Thanks Oliver to pointing me over to this gem.
Definitely in the "rough hood", but delightful for the experience. Will be back for more!
Happy Espresso Adventures

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