Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NY: Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee
Address: 5 East 27th Street
              inside of Gershwin Hotel
Neighbourhood: Flatiron District
Borough: Manhattan
website, @BirchCoffee,Tel: 212-686-1444

Busting back to the New York Scene we arrive here at a mid-town location; Birch Coffee. From the outside it seems like an eccentric facade, with a deep red painted on the exterior and horns sticking out - I seem to have been landed on someones dream-like state. It's the iconic style that helps to make this cafe stand out. Where else in Manhattan can you say that your cafe resides in a building that has horns sticking out? 
Situated in the main lobby of the hotel, sits Birch Coffee.
Cold Brew, many different espresso types, and a nook for reading, perched up on the next floor. More of a library.

Seating arrangements consists of a couple of bar areas, wooden benches and small wooden tables sectioned off in the two distinct areas.
The also serve food, and they have table service as well.
The Basics
Machine: 2 Group Synesso Cyncra

Grinder: Mazzer Robur

Beans: Emma's Espresso
Composition: Indian and south american coffees
Roasters: Unknown - but local.

Verdict: Sweet, nutty, caramel, chocolate with a crisp clean finish.

Iced-Coffee anyone: (NYTimes article)
Birch also has cold brews going daily, enough to fill these 64 oz. growlers. Made with seasonal beans, and brewed in one go, it's sealed and ready for those hot hot days.

Each Growler/Jug makes about 8-10 sixteen ounce cups of COLD-BREWED COFFEE. In addition, they've up'd their game and are offering a delivery service....

Seriously this idea is great, saves transit time, and if ordered consistently, allows Birch to maintain a steady stream of customers.

Not limited to coffee, but their sustainable food menu gives them props in being a full-service "third-wave" coffee shop.

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