Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food for Thought: OK^2

OK^2 Diner
Address: 1039 Queen Street East
Neighbourhood: Leslieville
website, @twitter, Tel:(416) 461-2988

My trusted brunch-mate called me up on a Saturday mid-morning craving for food. Already having been up for a couple of hours, completed my daily exercise and brewed a fresh cup of coffee I happily agreed to meet up.
Driving through Leslieville was easy picking for a brunch place, as the neighbourhood has evolved into the brunch mecca this side of the Don River.
Today's brunch adventure brings us to OKOK Diner (known from their sign as OK^2), typical 50s/60s Diner decor and seating arrangement made us quite gleeful.

Not only was it a relic in time; showcasing old cartoons on the TV, but the memorabilia screams of the good ol' days with the rush of childhood memories as you sink into your booth seat. As we were ordering, the waitress had a striking resemblance to someone we both admire - first thought to our minds... "dopple-ganger". Food smells amazing, and portions were delectable.

The Coffee is standard second wave.

But I leave you with the Elvis is King Sandwich... mmm

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