Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NY: Oslo

Oslo Coffee
Address: secret Roastery location
Neighbourhood: somewhere in Williamsburg
website, @twitter, Tel: 718 782 0332

These NY food laws are very meticulous and zoning is "unique", Red-Tape, loop-holes.... who knows. But the Guys from Oslo were kind enough to direct me to their off-site roasting location.

YEAH, out in the middle of industrial land - thanks guys (light-hearted jokes aside). They operate their Probat out of a small space, but it works for John and JR. It's taken me a while to finally post up their secret location, and the barista are very good at protecting their privacy. Not everyone can name drop and collect phone numbers right....

So the location is secret, but after e-mailing back and forth with John a location appeared. Oslo has been expanding - with soon to be three locations:

#1: 133 Roebling Street, Williamsburg Espresso machine: La Marzocco Strada.
#2: 328 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Espresso machine:  San Marco Leva hand-pulled piston machine.
#3: 422 E.  75th Street, Yorkville, NYC  
 (expected to open soon - in a former Carpenter's showcase room) Washrooms? maybe not...

The Roastery sits somewhere in this odd shaped triangle where the magic happens - or carefully roasting during the week to meet the demands of the three cafes.
 Let's turn our focus to the location on Bedford.
One of the main roads for Williamsburg, it sports the hand-pulled SM Leva where they pull Odin

Machine: San Marco Leva 
Grinder: Asteriora 
Beans: Odin

Composition: Mix of Centrals, and African
Roasters: self - OSLO

Located: somewhere in Brooklyn

Specifications: Secrets
Verdict: Nice chocolate accents with cherry notes.
Hand-pulled - for your pleasure.
Throwing more roasters photos could be the end of me... secrets would be out.
I'll keep it for personal purposes.
Next time: I'm going Yorkville.... with the amazing benches that JR showed me.
Maybe there will be a washroom for me to use.

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