Thursday, August 25, 2011

Featured Bean: Dernaye, Amaro Gayo

First Wager of 2.0!
In early 2011 there was much buzz about 3 gentleman jumped ship from roasters Intelligentsia. What were they going to do? Where would they go...

Here: Handsome Coffee Roasters - based in LA.

Just missed out on their first wager - but no worries, when they had more spots open in July for the second round... I made the commitment.

Here is their first roast, an delightful Ethiopian that's sure to have all of us bet-takers licking our lips.
This is my style of coffee.

Machine: French Press
Grinder: Hario Slim
Beans: Dernaye, Amaro Gayo

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Roasters: Handsome Coffee Roasters

Located: LA

Specifications: Handsome Forty Wager

Verdict: Yummy - lemon pop, and rainbows! (grilled orange rinds - that creates a pleasant essence that reminded me of my favourite cookie growing up)

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