Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food for thought: Hibiscus

Address: 238 Augusta Avenue

Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

website, @twitter, Tel: 416-364-6183

Seriously.... it's not only vegans and gluten-free seekers that come to Hibiscus in the market, everyone enjoys the wholesome freshly prepared dishes that come from the back of the kitchen.
In my travels around the city - Hibiscus throws down the best value for quality dishes. Personally, I have a good handful of close friends who swear by this cafe - mainly vegans, but it's not to say it's only for "vegans". Not only is it animal-cruelty free, but it's tapping into that new market to combat the gluten allergies - it's running rampant.
(talking about coffee after the break)

So, what do you order at a Vegan resto?
Really - do you need meat?
No.... the food is so deliciously seasoned and dressed that you wouldn't be craving for meat.

We ordered the Salad and Soup combo - best of the best. With so many Cold Salads prepared daily, you're bound to try something that will blow your mind. In this case; a simple carrot salad that was dressed to perfection.
Soup: Butternut Squash. (sans dairy of course)
The Basics:
Machine: Wega
Grinder: Unknown
Beans: Espresso Blend (Dark Roasted)
Composition: Unknown
Roasters: Just us Coffee
Located: Wolfville, NS

Verdict: Heavy, earthy tastes. Some Robusta giving it that pale brown cream, too much lemon sour acidity for me.

Just Us Coffee Roasters, are all about Fair-Trade, it's kensington market. Of Course Hibiscus would be conscious of that aspect. Canadian Roasters. Good ON you!
Sometimes you just don't know where to lock your bike - over some kids bike totally works!
Happy Espresso Adventures.

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