Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food for Thought: Mitzi's Cafe and Gallery

Mitiz's Cafe and Gallery
Address: 100 Sorauren Avenue
Neighbourhood: Roncesvalles
website, @twitter, Tel: (416) 588-1234

Brunch staple for the neighbourhood is definitely Mitizi's. Having two location quite close to each other talks volume about their following - not really a cult, but a fav spot to hit that brunch craving. Snagging a spot is harder than lining up for Harry Potter 7.2 tickets - and you'll know by the size of the line that starts outside the door.
The patio - opened in warmer weather - sure can fit a few, but the inside is where magic happens.

Savory Blood Orange glazed pork tenderloin, Arugula Omelette
Ordering the Omelette is a ritual for me - limitmus test for any location.
Eggs Bene, and Waffles/Pancakes usually sway me, but my craving took over on this visit. 
Will it actually meets up to brunch standards?
In all honesty, the eggs were cooked to the right consistency but the star of the plate were the potatoes. (think Insomnia). Coated with their secret sauce, it means good times for the entire table.
The mismatched vintage cups, and carefully selected art pieces speaks wonders of their taste.      
If it indicated quality - we'd be spot on.
Diner inspired location means ordering a good ol' Cup of Joe.

The Basics
Machine: Faema E61
Grinder: Unknown 
Beans: House Blend (one medium light + one very dark.) Composition: This combination adds complexity to the roast taste and still able to detect the vibrant acidity through the roast. 
Roasters: Dark City Roasters

Located: Scarborough, ON

Verdict: nice hints of acidity - pleasant for brunch companion. Pinch of cooking spices add a bit of a bunch - pungent enough to perk your senses, but not too powerful.

Fill up another cup and you'll be a happy camper!

Verdict on espresso: nice light aromatics of earthy vibrant licorice, with hickory smoky flavour. (Lovely crema - I have a suspicion that there is robusta - not a bad thing)


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