Friday, January 21, 2011

Undiscovered: Soma Chocolates

Soma Chocolatemaker
Address: 55 Mill Street
Neighbourhood: Distillery District

Distillery District is located in the barrens of lower Toronto, where it's famous for galleries, and boutique crafty shops. Artisan, if you will. It's not an extra stretch to see Soma thriving in this preserved histroic area. I've come to LOVE venturing into Soma and picking up a bar of 70%+ Dark Chocolate to nibble, and gifts along the way. Always made in-house, it's no wonder why they've been so popular.
It struck me as odd that I've never thought to try the espresso while waiting in line. It was only fitting that it was a nice day during our visit to the Christmas Market.
Machine:La Marzocco GB3 (2 group)
Grinder: Unknown
Beans: Epic Espresso
Roasters: 49th Parallel
Verdict: Surprised at the quality, but then again - La Marzocco and 49th / can't really go wrong.
December edition of Epic, was bright, crisp, and screaming with high notes, and would settle for velvet smooth. 
Given the choice, I would rather walk 1 block to have great espresso as opposed to sub-par espresso in the other histroic building.
Athestics, aroma, and amibence all come to mind with I mention Soma Chocolates.
To die for products, and a great machine to pull amazing shots. Never brought the two together to experience the shop at it's full potention. Chocolate maker, and espresso puller. Yummy

Yet - dont expect the line to move fast, given that they have to park a truffles case next to the cash, you always want more aritsan chocolate. Unexpected good coffee in the DD, makes me smile when I open these doors.

You should make it a journey, even if it's just to watch the chefs make chocolate in the back. Worth every moment! Wave "hi", and be jolly as you sip your hot chocolate or Mocha beverage.


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