Monday, January 24, 2011

Food for Thought: Bloordale Pantry

Address: 1285 Bloor Street West
Neighbourhood: Bloordale Village
(Bloor and Landsdowne)
Website, @TheBloordale,  Tel: (416) 530-2999

This hot spot for Sunday brunch came up on our radar for its eats and not their espresso, but in true reporting fashion, we must discuss all things Espresso first then good eats as secondary bonuses.
On this visit we were able to chat with Rose, owner, to discuss about her lovingly restored classic Faema E61.

Machine: Faema E61 - restored vintage machine, 2 group with upgraded technology
Grinder: Hmmm ..
Beans: Italian Roasted Espresso
Roaster: Segafredo

Verdict: The shot was typical European affair. Segafredo has classic tones of cocoa, but that distinctive tinge of acidic aftertaste found in the Big 4 European Coffee houses that is not my style. Personally, the shot was well crafted and attended to with care, but the lackluster character of the beans didn't really spark my curiosity beyond my past experiences. Not even a milk-based drink could have changed my thoughts. Next time?

"Why Segafredo? Why not locally roasted?"
Rose responded that for now with their classic Italian machine they wanted to keep with the Italian beans. Keeping it "unique" against the 49th or Intelli route is tough, but they are looking to go local and are in discussions... Hopefully they start to serve espresso that is as good as their food. Worth paying extra for espresso as opposed to drip... At $2.00, it's not really pricey.

Rose and Anthony, Chef,  have created a classic wholesome diner fare with a little twist. Always experimenting with flavours and combos has inspired the menu.
Check out a few photos from our journey.
BabyDoll [Brunch Special] - Bacon wrapped with melted cheddar and light fluffy pancakes, egg and hash. With fresh fruit medley, Fire Sauce (In-house), and a jar of maple syrup that reminds me of Winnie-the-Pooh.
Deepfried Oero

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  1. Recently in Milano I found probably the oldest barista operating a Faema E61 since it was produced. Have a look at the images here: bye Alex

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