Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowy Saturday; SJCB, Dark Horse

This past Saturday, Toronto got hit with some lovely snowy weather. Snow storm with winds in the mix make for lovely photos!

In the midst of the snowstorm, we were still able to conduct our first Espresso Adventure of 2011.

The morning starting with treking 3 blocks to start the Annex/Queen W adventure. New EA meant that we had to go to some favs and big names from the scene.
First off we lounged inside of Sam James Coffee Bar where Sam James himself was on the La Marzocco GB5 himself.
Pulling an elegant double espresso, in a fashionanle manner is not easy, but the finese that he intellectuall feels is an intuition that may never occur.

Verdict: Buttery smooth with infusion of half melted chocolate. Random spurts of citrus and tea to round out the flavour porfile of Toi, Mot et Cafe. Balanced acidity helped to start the day off right.... in addition a lovely Cranberry/Vanilla Scone added enough to combat the blistering cold winds....

 Lunch Break!!
Well, not my lunch break - but I wish it was my lunch break.

Next stop: b espresso (Dundas/Church) - no photo... will need to return with adequate time to take in the environment.

Last stop: the new Dark Horse Espresso Bar (Queen and Euclid).
Brillance in a nutshell.
Proper review to come in the next couple of days.


  1. IRA & RICK.
    What a " crock".
    He used to want to be 007 and for the QUEEN!
    That's why he went to RUSSIA.
    It was his " graduation present" from my dad.
    What a complete S.O.B.
    And he went from" DARK HORSE" and " HORSA" to " RICK'S TINY PONY"?
    Thank you MELINDA.