Sunday, January 2, 2011

Featured Espresso: Intelligentsia Honey Badger

Alert, Alert!!!! Calling all Toronto Intelligentsia fans:

Spotted: Manic Coffee (427 College Street)
Hours: Mon Jan 3rd: 8am - 6pm
            Normal hours: M-F [ 7-7pm];
           Weekends Sat/Sun [ 8-8pm]

Featured:Intelligentsia Honey Badger (Blend -Brazil and Kenya)
Roaster: Intelligentsia
Located: Chicago,IL

Limited Seasonal Espresso -- from Quality Roasters Intelligenstia spotted at Manic Coffee in Toronto, a special blend of three really sweet coffees from Brazil and Kenya.

Verdict: Super sweet frontal palette action with hints of blueberry/ dark berries reminded me of the deliciousness of my brunch earlier this morning. Syrup heaven, making it a definite trek to this College hotspot.

Straight from Intelligenstia," this espresso is packed with intensity. Dripping with heavy, molasses-like body and gilded with flourishes of lime, currant and blackberry jam as well as a cornucopia of stone fruit and berry flavors, this seasonal espresso will be a delight for people who prefer a fruit-forward espresso profile."

Enjoyed the first Espresso -out of the house- for 2011....
Manic you keep doing good. Keep it real!

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