Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Experience: Grinder Coffee (Gerrard)

Grinder Coffee
Address: 1021 Gerrard Street East
Neighbourhood: Gerrard Sqaure
Website @grindercoffee

Opening up in a former cyber cafe seemed unimaginable, but it seems to keep attracting more and more customers. Lined with a plethora of small round tables creating workstations for locals, it seems this local community hot spot has a great following. Making up a for the pocket in between Chinatown and Little India, Grinder serves freshly brewed coffee and pulls a mean shot of espresso.

The original location is at Main and Gerrard, taking over the former space of Mercury Espresso 2nd location.
The Sequel, is much cozier with a large window front, and benches located in the front. They have a bar/stool area in the back. As an added feature they constantly have a live feed up on the wall to notify customers of when the 506 streetcar is arriving. Handy to convince customers to just take those extra 3 minutes to savour their drinks. Unique indeed
Machine: Simonelli Nuovo
Grinder: Mazzer Robus with electronic mod.
Beans: Own Blend - South American/ South African
Roasters: Mountainview Estate Coffee
Located: Toronto, ON
Indie Coffee Passport/ Disloyalty: NO

Verdict: Evenly balanced with a hint of citrus smack for a delightful after taste. medium bodied roasted to their Full City potential. Rich in crema, great mouthfeel.

Will need to return to have a proper sit down session and people watch along the way.


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