Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Experience: F'Coffee

Address: 641 Queen Street East
Neighbourhood: Riverside

Nestled on the edge of the Eas/West divide, just before you hit the bridge to cross the Don, is where you'll find F'Coffee. It's the way of F'life

Locals popping in for their daily dose, or just neighbourhoodies lounging and doing their works... Usually find a mixed crowd of quiet folks plus the ones that get-together to catch up.
It's a great location to take a break from the dredges of the Queen Streetcar.

 The interior is lit up by the large windows that face Queen East - currently home to the next "loft/condo" expansion slated for that area. But be weary of their hours - as sometimes you think they'll be open... Guess again. I've tried multiple times to visit the shop at odd hours - and no dice. On this lovely Saturday morning I was able to luck out and sample what they had.
Machine: Saeco Aroma Se 200
Grinder: Unknown
Beans: Own Blend
Roasters: Unknown
Indie Coffee Passport:YES
Verdict: Seems like they have a decent machine, with decent beans, and decent staff. The shot just didnt have any character. Strong aromatic arabaca beans - but taste wise it was flat. My tongue/palette wasn't excited. After it cooled the acidic tones started to shine right thru. Not my cup of tea.

 If you notice the photo - it produces a rich dark caramel crema, but still - no character at all.

They do have great panini sandwiches, and pastries... but again - with their early closures - you better get in bright and early.


  1. Thankfully a reality check.

    With all of these recent reviews of great shots, I was starting to think something had dramatically changed in T-dot. Even up to late November on my last trip, there were only a handful of cafes esperssosnob would waste a TTC token on for espresso. Of course, so many new players since then it seems. Can't wait for my return 'home'.

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