Friday, January 21, 2011

Cortado much?

Taken at Mercury Espresso.

Many Coffee lovers are confused when they walk into a cafe. 
Menu language has expanded over the years with signature drinks and divergents from the staples such as americano, latter, mocha etc...

Then there are other ones that you hear people ordering that seem to be made-up or discovered through certain baristas.. This is the exploration of coffee fanatics....
(Future post of lexicon)

What is a Cortado?
Its a shot (or two) of espresso with a very small amount of milk.
A 1:1 ratio of milk to espresso.
More milk and less foam than a Cappuccino. Allowing the milk to cut any unwanted acidity. Leaving the drinker to experience milk-coffee goodness.

Maybe this can help those that don't enjoy straight up espresso-- to slowly ease into the addiction of amazingness that you are missing out on.

Happy First offical Espresso Anniversary!!!

Keep it locked for the celebratory warp-up post of what happened last week.
Bundle up its -18, -20 this weekend. Enjoy an espresso indoors.

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