Sunday, January 16, 2011

Featured Espresso: Cerrado

Spotted at Mercury Espresso Bar
Beans: Single-Origin from Brazil
Farm/Coop: Daterra, Cerrado
Roasters: Terroir
Located: Mass. USA

Tasting Notes: Smooth enjoyable profile for all palettes. Minor citrus qualities at the end of your sips, but memorable. Clean medium body, with tastes that remind you of aromatic fudge being made on the spot! Best of both worlds: chocolate but with the surprise of sweetness that lingers in rich fudge. Not the fudge that kills your teeth. Yummy for the soul

Special Feature: One of my favourite baristas - Josh - was on bar today and pulled the shots on Synesco on this lazy Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy this while you can! A couple of bags left- but limited! Afterwards they're going back to the much loved Mamuto.

In addition: goes really well in the Cortado!

From the mouth of GHH:
This is a wonderfully mellow coffee but with delicate clean fruit sweetness, giving a refined Beaujolais-like character to this coffee. Elusive hints of roses in the aroma. Very soft creamy notes of pecan. Medium body without any tang.

It was harvested from deep-rooted, low yield, very carefully hand-harvested Yellow Bourbon variety of Arabica. Rainforest Alliance SealThe owner of Daterra, Luis Pascoal, is a key coffee visionary in the quality coffee movement who never tires of tweaking everything he does one notch up every year for the quality of the coffee and for his social and environmental policies.

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