Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Rituals

Run ala Boardwalk.
Winter friends, or arctic bliss?
Scenic Views
Pumping Jams from Robyn, DeadMau5, and Avicii.
Finished off with some post-run eats and essential post-run hydration!

Afternoon spro w/ amazing friend.
Great Convos at the communal table.
Browsing through "Walls and Pieces" by Banksy

Rooster Coffee House 

Taking in the fun times of citizens going down Riverdale Park's enormous hills.
Loved discovering that they had the new espro blend

Machine: Elektra K-2S
Grinder: Mazzer Robur
Turnover: Medium (with Peak hours)

Featured Espro: "Elevens" by Te Aro Roasted 

Verdict: Sweetness the whole way through.but not in the overly sweet way that you get from those Valentine Candy hearts that contain messages. Just enough sweet to satisfy that sugar craving.
Described as "Orange cream soda", I think it's more fizzy goodness with orange essence. 
Thumbs Up!

Love the weekend.

Q: How do you celebrate the weekend?

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