Saturday, February 26, 2011

NY: Third Rail Coffee

Address: 240 Sullivan Street
               (Bleecker/West 3rd) 
Neighbourhood: Greenwich Village

After settling in and exploring the Flatiron district, SoHo and Greenwich, there would be no more espresso for the first day of travel. Our night ended with a trip to John's Pizzeria in Greenwich for some authentic NY style pie. It was simply delicious.

Waking up the next morning and not having to rush to the office was a great feeling, but noting down the wrong address, wasn't that fun. Day 2 was going to be heavy espresso adventure, with rides on the MTA as we planned to hit up Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Since we were still waking up, we needed to keep it close and a visit to the local cafe of the hood was what the morning called for:
Third Rail Coffee.

AFter treking in the wrong direction, we finally found the shop, almost by-passing the fogged up windows. But even by mid-morning the space was packed with locals hanging around to enjoy their drinks. We felt like we were really living in the hood.

Since their opening in 2009, there never seems to be a shortage of people coming in for their daily drip
With limited wiggle room, they've managed to make the cafe feel larger by playing on space constraints, TRC has wall hugging bench space, and about 5 small round tables. As you swing open the door, it takes all of 5 steps to reach the bar, where there were 3 friendly smiles ready to great you. After chatting with the local crew, they've enjoyed the success of tight quarters without feeling too claustrophobic. Otherwise it's just another tight space made right.

TRC Barista action: (l-r) Mike, Dan, JJB
 Machines: La Marzocco GB/5 (2-group)
Grinder: Mazzer Robur for Hair Bender Beans: Hair Bender
Roasters: Stumptown
Temp: 197 degrees Fahrenheit
Size: 1.5 ounces in 25 sec= double
Turnover: Steady follow of regulars from Greenwich village and a following of NYU students.
Popular: Latte, Cappuccino

: they offer Chemex! (Weighed too)

Well crafted double shot. Hairbender quality with attention.
 plus they have Intelligenstia and Stumptown.
Battle of 2 Top Roasters in US, 1 battleground.
Third Rail Coffee.

This is definitely a MUST-visit location when you're visiting NYC.

Warning: No Washrooms... be forwarned.

     After getting our morning coffee fix and blueberry scone. We were ready to brave the TKTS booth to score musical seats, and start planning for an afternoon of Greenpoint and Brooklyn fun.


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