Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In our backyard: Dundas, ON (Part 1)

Dundas, Ontario

The Espresso Adventure team decided to go on a little road trip to experience the quaint town of Dundas. Just outside of Hamilton, about 1.5 hours outside of the GTA is home to Detour Roasters - prior feature. This time the team decided to make it an official holiday EA, by hitting up the other cafes in the area.
Described as boutique shops, and welcoming vibe filled with an "older" crowd we were in for the count. Driving through back roads, and going up the escarpment last month seemed like a winter wonderland experience.
King street is the bustling strip where our adventure would start and end. Enough time was allocated for a 3 cafe adventure, and we were in for a treat!

the Esspresso
Address: 102 King Street West
Dundas, Ontario
(tel: 905) 627-5943
Machine: Faema Due (Smart 2 Group Automatic)
Beans: from Club Coffee

Verdict: Upon first impression, the light crema wafting with coffee aromas seemed promising.
The espresso was too acidic, highlighting sour tones of bitter apple. Not what I'd come for.

Otherwise this is a cute cafe, with regulars popping in and out with a constant turnover.
It is owned and operated by a Korean family, who were super friendly.
They create all their in-house food and pastries on site, and they always greet their customers with a smile.

Up Next: (to be continued)

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