Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Experience: Red Bean Espresso + Market

Red Bean Espresso + Market
Address: 2118 Bloor St. W.
Neighbourhood: Bloor West Village

Tel: 647-352-2326

Located in between Runneymede and High Park subway stations, in the high populated hood of BWV is a relative newcomer. Taking up the space of the former Vespa shop, the high ceilings and clean walls create a canvas of new designs for owner Iris. Creating a family friendly hub is what Iris wants to establish, and that is what she's done.
Food brings people together, that's why half of the back space is dedicated to their in-house kitchen. Proud to have all their goodies prepared in-house the list includes pastries, gourmet sandwiches and soups, but it's that attention to detail that caught my eye.
A huge 4 panel stained glass frame hangs from the ceiling reminds me of the coffee houses in Germany. The amazing Simonelli Aurelia used at WBC, and highly in tune to industry needs, Iris can't go wrong here. Quality.
 Machine: Simonelli Aurelia - Competition Model
Grinder: Mazzer Major
Beans: Michela Blend
Roaster:Rufino - Classic Gourmet

Verdict: Bright with hints of caramel and roasted fireplace. Smoothness of well blended chocolate makes me think they have some Bolivian, or Brazilian...Thinking back to the Coffee &Tea show, this brings smiles to my face.

Teaming up with Classic Gourmet, and bringing local roasters to the neighbourhood isn't new (see Cafe Novo also carrying Rufino). Yet supporting the local roasters is what Toronto needs to keep pushing the envelope to keep searching for better beans, better techniques, and overall it makes me smile.Will be back for more.

 Delicious Butter Tart, flaking crust and more butter feel than overly sweetness.
SUPER BONUS: They had the Dutch honey waffle/cake/cookie that is trademark good eats.

EDIT: They will soon start to offer "Super Bar" espresso from Rufino. Will be back!

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