Thursday, February 24, 2011

NY: ACE Hotel

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Address: 20 West 29th Street (ACE Hotel)
Midtown Manhattan

Located inside of the slick black lobby of boutique wonder (ACE Hotel) provides a home for Portland charm Stumptown. Known for revolutionizing the direct-trade market, and fair wage practices means a more conscious approach to the preparation of your drink. There is a day and night feel to the symbiosis of the modern design and innovative charm of the lobby and the massively large glass walls that adorn the high-ceiling standing room only "hallway" of Stumptown cafe. Both companies specialize in creating the best product for their clients to experience, and the minute details are evident from the first swing of the door. Onyx black walls adored with witty pop culture references, marble floors, and large porcelain white columns makes the lobby space a micro-office the busy bodies of Manhattan.

Getting yourself acquainted with directions is always a challenge when you go to another urban sprawl, but with my sidekicks and compass, it was a nice stroll down 7th and eventually 6th making our way down from the W 34th to W 29th.
Not knowing really what to expect, the amount of light into the cafe is astonishing. Given the surrounding skyscrapers, the mid-afternoon sun worked to their advantage. All the baristas/staff (6 on the floor) were all wearing very jazzy-blues attire. From the fedoras, and chapeaus, to the smooth dress shirts and vests. Essences of NYC suave style at their best. 

Transformed into the whole 1950s (Mad Men) theme but fused with West-coast chill really works for this location, in bustling Manhattan. Wrap around bar housing 2 Mistrals and matching cash registers, it's no wonder their operations flows from doors open til close. The constant flow of people of surprising, but refreshing as I knew that the rest of the week was going to be LARGE. Located on the white walls displayed many different coffee devices and bags Stumptown daily roasts. 

With their doors officially opening in 2007, and a transplanted roasting facility located in Redhook, Brooklyn.WEST meets EAST
It's now easier to service the East Coast - freshly roasted supply, who wouldn't want in on that.
Fresh supplies means that our friends at LIT espresso in Toronto, serve the best beans that can be roasted by our neighbours to the south. A long overdue WELCOME and THANK YOU from the East.
Machines: La Marzocco Mistral (3 group)
Grinders: Mazzer Robur for Hair Bender
               Mazzer Major for Decaf House

Beans: Hair Bender and Decaf House

Roasters: Stumptown (Own) 
"From Lizz at Stumptown"

Hair Bender is constantly changing due to the seasonality of coffee, but we always try our best to blend to a flavor profile of toffee, chocolate and citrus.
Temp: 198 degrees Fahrenheit
Size: 1.5 ounces in 24-28 sec - all shots are doubles.

Turnover: The busiest I have ever seen a cafe.
Popular: Cappuccino

Verdict: Chocolate balance known to Stumptown. 
Smooth ringing brightness of citrus tones. Reminiscent to blood orange sweetness with an added pinch of mellow grapefruit. 

Never giving away their secret blend. LOVE what their doing, and how their only source the best. 
Good sourcing means good a good product. 
This experience translated into: WOW factor.

Fangirl screams away. 
"NYC I love you, but you're bringing me down..."

Just what I needed to start my Espresso Adventures in the big apple.

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