Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bean Talk: Te Aro Roasted's Elevens

Straight from Te Aro

"The idea behind Elevens was to create a new espresso blend, that will change seasonally Elevens is brighter, and has fruity tones, the aroma is orange and floral.
The current Elevens is a post roast blend of a very sweet Panama Rio Serreno bean, and a bright orange taste from the Ethiopian Sidama.  The washed Sidama has a lot of apricot which was so unique.
We describe it as orange cream soda, with a refined acidity and white chocolate."

Panama Rio Serrado and fully washed Ethiopian Sidama
Flavour profile: Sweet Orange Cream Soda

Single Espresso: Crisp sweet syrup with swirls of Tangerine , Grapefruit hints. Caramelized sugar essence.
Cappuccino: A light airy surprise that reminds me of British Cadbury Caramilk. Amazingly great!

The Te Aro Espresso Menu has expanded to please more palettes.

Big Bro: Strong, earthy punch. 
Elevens: Sweet, Citrus bag to the face
Featured: Mecca Darkhorse Blend from Sydney, AUS
Easy Mate: Decaf

These guys just keep getting better and better at what they do.
Roasters first, Cafe second. ALWAYS Quality!

Kudos Te Aro.
You make Leslieville proud.

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