Monday, November 29, 2010

First Experience: Sam James Coffee Pocket

 Sam James Coffee Pocket
Address: 688a Bloor Street West
Neighbourhood: Koreatown/Christie Pits

It's here! Sam James opened the doors to Coffee Pocket on Saturday to a good crowd of people that helped to celebrate the launch of the second location for famed barista. Located on Bloor Street West and Clinton Street, it's in  good company with Tacos, and Korean Food joints. Not too far from the original location, it's still great to find a no-nonsense to the point espresso bar.
They do not serve DECAF, so be forewarned, but they have teas.
Pulling only a limited menu selection of traditional drinks, it's easy to see how this shop can be 1-person operational machine.
On this chilly Sunday morning, as you open the door the sudden warmth instantly makes you feel at home. You're greeted by plants and hanging light bulbs as you take two more steps, and a massive art installation of a VOID cheque hanging on the western wall. The attention to detail is something that was not missed as the prepared for the opening weekend. Installing new machines and the single grinder, it's no surprise that this used to be a store front for a cellular shop, the old sign is currently still up, and gives it that charm and evidence of what could have operated here. Beige wooden panels and white walls stare as you contemplate a double espresso or Cappuccino.
Machine: La Marzocco GB5 (2 Group)
Grinder-Doser: Mazzer Robuar
Turnover: Unknown (but will be popular)
Beans: Espressone Toi Moi et Cafe (MTL)
Description:  roasted north Italian style, heavy body and long on the palate, pleasant acidity, sweet and chocolaty aftertaste.
Music: N/A
Seating: Standing room only! Fits ~7
NOTE: Only Espresso for here, everything else is in take-out cups.

Sam James will be here more often, to suss out the situation of Bloor West and say hi to the new faces.

Verdict: Pleasant palette experience of balanced acidity and sweetness. Pronounced cherry hints, with the typical chocolate smoothness.Same beans they use at the Coffee Bar, but definitely tasted sweeter.

Having a brief discussion with James, he attributes this to 2 things, NEW Machine, and fresh burrs (Grinder).

Love the concept, love the space.
Another winner for Toronto's Indie Coffee Scene

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