Friday, November 12, 2010

6: Crafted by Te Aro

135 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6J 2Z6
Neighbourhood: Lower Ossington Strip

The "new" kid on the block is a friendly favourite from the east moving to the west. Just like Dark Horse, a second location has emerged on the new hot spot - Ossington. Tucked between the art galleries, and boutique shops, CRAFTED has become the it place to get your espresso. Spotted last time was Metric band members: Jimmy Shaw and Joules... just stopping in to get Latte.
Not that I'm plugging all the hipster stars, but CRAFTED does espresso right.

Machine: La Marzocco
Doser: Malkonig K30 Twin and Sing
Turnover: Consistent
Beans: Te Aro Roasted - Big Bro
Music:indie hip
Indie Coffee Passport: YES

Let's not forget the back patio.

Verdict:  Rich, Balanced flavour, all typical of the Big Bro Roast. 
THANK YOU for serving sparkling water with each espresso. This is exactly how they serve it in Europe and other nations (NZ). The Sparkling water is used to cleanse the palette to taste the espresso, and afterwards to clean the palette. The attention to details is exquisite. This is exactly what attracted me to remember this location, as it invites the drinker to NOT be rushed and to sit down and have that coffee culture that Europe knows well. this invitation means more people sitting at the medium sized wooden table at the front and sit and ponder about life. 

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