Monday, November 8, 2010

10: the TAMPERed Press

First up on the TOP 10 of Toronto

the TAMPERed Press.
Address: 256 Crawford Street, Unit B

Neighbourhood:  Trinity-Bellwoods Park
(follow them on twitter @TamperedPress)

This is very much a community orientated cafe with a large window facing Trinity Bellwoods Park. A Perfect location that screams for people watching. When the weather is nice, and no construction is present, you can ponder your thoughts away while looking at the lush green grass, and the traffic that zooms along Dundas West..

There sits a large wooden communial table in the centre of the shop that makes it inviting to the local creative minds. There are several smaller sized tables but they too fill up quickly on this occassion there were many that stopped by  to work for hours on end.

It took them a long while to get the cafe opened, but it's finally here and the neighbourhood is embracing the burst of new cafes on Dundas West. They serve Classic Gourmet (Rufino) espresso. Rufino, a recently re-branding of Classic's signature espresso blends hails from Concord, Ontario. Just north of the Toronto limits, tucked between Thornhill and Woodbridge.

Machine: Elektra Classic "Barlume" Series
Doser: Mazzer
Turnover: Medium
Beans: Rufino Espresso - Darker Blend (Origins undisclosed)
*They also have other Beans for milk based drinks*
Music: approved variety to please all in the neighbourhood.
Indie Coffee Passport: YES

Golden to light brown Crema, full bodied with dark chocolate from start to finish. Will please the traditional enthusiast that like that stronger shots from Europe.

On this day there was a bit of over-extraction, as the shots were on the more acidic side. Presentation was great in this 3oz. shot glass.

Come and sit for a bit

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