Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Experience: Capital Espresso and Pastries's

Capital Espresso and Pastries's
(formerly operating out of Blondies' across the street)
Address: 1349 Queen St. W. (corner of Dunn Ave.)
Neighbourhood: Parkdale
contact: (Facebook, Twitter: @capitalspro)

CAPITAL Espresso doesn't really need an introduction if you're a local. It's just Blondie's Espresso crew moving further west and across the street. Co-owners, Alex, Damian and Maggie did reno's, put in new furniture, and slapped on a carefully selected logo. They've taken over the former space of VICE magazines office, and they've done well with their initial set-up, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wooden floors and big comfy coaches remind me of visiting my friends' livingroom/space down the street on Cowan Ave. With full backed benches and small tables it creates space for multi-purpose workstations. Along with a long bar ideal for cuppings, but the added bonus are the hooks located under the bar. Keeps your bag dry and off of the ground. This is a huge plus, during the slushy winter months.

On my visit earlier this week I was greeted by some familiar faces from Mercury Espresso. Having to do a double-take, it was friendly to see some east-enders travelling to take in the new digs - shout outs were made on twitter - but who uses that....

With the large windows all around the store front, I really hope they've insulated themselves well for the upcoming winter months, as we all know those hydro bills are off the charts. My concern was quickly negated as the number of bodies in the cafe made up for warmth as virtually ever seat was taken except the back table. Parking ourselves back there, close to the wooden wall, I noticed their photo tribute to fixed gear bikes, and the many hooks for hanging out their roadies during their time at the cafe. I'd put up a photo of my sexy bike, and definitely bring it inside for warmth if this was my cafe. Respect on that! Is it me... or is there a growing trend of baristas and fixed/SS.
Machine: La Marzocco Linea
Doser: Mazzer
Turnover: Unknown - constant on this visit
Beans: Origins Coffee (5 Origin Blend)
           (From Vancouver's Gransville Island)
Music: indie rock! (almost CBC R3 like)
Disloyalty Card: YES (if they count as Blondie's)

Verdict: nice golden taste, with smooth body, and a hint of citrusy/acidity to linger on the tongue.
Cocoa, but not dark chocolate.
(didn't enjoy the barista rushing me to drink the shot, it sat for the duration of my trip to the back table.)


  1. thanks for the heads up... say Capital on blogTO, but your review made me decide to check it out on my last day in TO... Was worth the detour turning right out of The Gladstone, instead of left.

    I heart your site by the way!

  2. Do get down to lower Spadina to check out Sense Appeal Coffee:

  3. Thanks Espressosnob.
    I'm making time tomorrow to go and get my way down to SenseAppeal.

    Glad you enjoy the blog.
    If I'm ever over in Hali - I know who to contact!

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