Thursday, November 11, 2010

7: Rooster Coffee House

Rooster Coffee House

Address: 479 Broadview Avenue
Neighbourhood: Riverdale

Le sigh!  Rooster Coffee is definitely a great gathering spot in Riverdale for those looking for get-away from the home office, or those that need to park and work for several hours. The Storefront is made of windows which allows the morning sun to shine through to get us through the beginning of these day light saving hours.... Also doubles as a great view of Toronto's landscape - Riverdale Park, Downtown Toronto and all of the greenry that it faces.

 Machine: Elektra K-2S
Doser: Malkonig K30 Twin and Sing
Turnover: Medium (with Peak hours)
Beans: Te Aro Roasted - Big Bro
Featured : Te Aro Roasted - Atomic Rooster
Music:minimal, soothing
Indie Coffee Passport: YES

* Treats are prepared within the neighbourhood, and they have support from their roasters which are convienently located down the street on Queen (Te Aro). The owners Shawn and

On this day I was tempted to taste Atomic Rooster - as I've been well acquinted with Te Aro's Big Bro, and the description of the beans definitely perked my interest to discover other beans in the city. With the high traffic on Saturday Morning, it's plain to see that the conveyor belt tag team baristas on the Elektra have it down to a science. One Barista will grind and tamp, while the other one will set the timer and place the handle into the machine for heavenly extraction.

Verdict: FULL bodied, dark cocoa taste. Hints of "wood" with a smooth acidity level. It's a strong profile for this espresso. Quite different from Big Bro, as the strong kick gives it that taste that you yearn for in Italian espresso. Crema was thick, and the attention to glassware caps it off.
Only wished they served sparkling water and a chocolate to accompany the drink -- Sigh, one only hopes....

I still remember when this was a variety store in my youth. The owners/artists were sculpting a large bear from a tree. Biking up and down the hill was get exercise, and the progress made on the bear made passing this corner ever more pleasent. I still remember the times were we'd run in and get our freezies before running back to a baseball or soccer practice in the valley of Riverdale Park. But I'm glad that it was able to transform into this amazing space, where it acts as the local community centre. Sit down, read a magazine or bust out some of the games in the back.

 Again, the theme of these cafes are LARGE communal tables - where one can put their pile of books and turn it into one of those "library" feels. Constant clicking on laptops and chatter fill in the gaps, while the music in the background is on a constant "low". With big comfy couches, and window seats at the counter, it's just an inviting atmosphere.
When the weather is fine, the small tables on the front patio, allows you to escape for a bit and gaze out onto the fields of the park.

It just feels like you walked into your Aunt's house, and you are welcomed and invited to sit down, enjoy the espresso and just relax.


  1. Today was my first visit to the Rooster. Loved the atmosphere: a neighborhood cafe, very welcoming, very relaxed! I had a latte and strongly considered ordering another coffee when I finished since it was so good. Best foam I've had in a long time. The barrista was lovely and patiently answered several questions I had about the coffee. There was constant movement in the place but we never felt as though it was crowed and there was enough seating for everyone. The huge table at the back reminded me of coffee house I visited in Frankfurt as a teen. It is common place in Europe (at least it was back then) to share tables and space in general with strangers. This table was being used in much the ame way. A family of 3 were playing Yahtzee at one end and a young couple sat chatting at the other. I will definitely be back. Oh yeah, and the pumpkin muffin totally inspired me to do some baking today!

  2. Glad you enjoyed Rooster! I was actually there today meeting with local friends. Almost couldn't get a seat at the communal table. Glad those patio chairs came in handy for extra seating.
    Such a great spot to chat, play games and take in the bustle of the park.

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