Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1: Te Aro

Te Aro Roasted
Address: 983 Queen St East,
Neighbourhood: Leslieville

Using a the space of a former autobody repair shop, Kiwi import Andy does the on-site Small batch air roasting in their machine early in the mornings - 4am to be precise. YES I've seen it happen, and yes I was up that early, for those that know me well - know why. In the ever so saturated Leslieville espresso scene - with the likes of Mercury, Dark Horse, Tango Palace... it seems that Te Aro has done something unique and right. Roasting and brewing their own beans means that they have always have freshly roasted, carefully blended beans in stock, and with high demand to boot. It's also not surprising that this "roasters and cafe" have quickly made a name for itself within the cafe and resto scene signing up (Rooster).

In the photo to the left is the La Marzocco Linea, acting as a stand-in as they recently got something new and shiny to pull their shots with
Machine: La Marzocco GB5
Turnover: Heavy Traffic
Beans: Big Bro (Own Roast)
Music: typical
Indie Coffee Passport: YES

Again, just like CRAFTED - their second location in the west-end, they take espresso seriously. This means allowing the drinker to enjoy their espresso in one of the warm brown Italian hand-crafted cups and always served with a glass of sparkling water. This gesture always makes my heart smile, and gives me that comfort to appreciate their skills in developing the best double shot of espresso.

Even on separate occasions with different baristas, it's always the same high quality. Thumbs up! They also were awarded Krups Kup of Excellence for Toronto.

Along side the espresso - they serve a very mean Flat White, one of the best in Toronto with a very extensive list of espresso based drinks, along with daily brews, it's only fitting that Te Aro is making a name for itself in the neighbourhood, and attracting other Torontians to come and experience what the east end has to offer.

On their shelves they carry big names such as: Bodum, Hario (Japanese makers of coffee equipment) and their line-up of beans. Cups, equipment, beans - everything you need for being a home barista superstar.

Verdict: The Big Bro blend is very smooth, with hints of sweetness and equal parts acidity to round out the taste. Sip it, savour it, pound it back (watch out, it might be hot), all will satisfy the delectable experience that your taste receptors will scream for MORE!

Thank you Te Aro for opening my eyes to the potential of what an amazing shot of espresso can do to ones life. Inspiration to go on the quest for greatness.

Pick up your Indie Coffee Passport soon - $25 and access to one drink $5 at 24 locations.
Pure Brillance!

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for visiting us, and for the write-up. We now have our new machine, and if you're planning another visit to the East End, drop me a line. We'd love to show you what the new machine can do, and tell you more about our coffee. My email is
    Cheers, Jessie & Andy