Thursday, June 14, 2012

WBC 2012 Tamper Tantrum Series: (Tim Wendelboe)

What Tim Wendelboe things about "Stepping up your game"

update (July 8th, 2012) -
Still no video, Part 2; which used to contain the video has been editted, and the video is now gone. Hopefully the organizers can put the discussion back online, so that everyone can appreciate the content of Tim's talk, and challenge our use of wording and the meaning they evoke in the "specialty coffee industry".
Yes, Tim did make a comment about how we regard the third-wave of coffee as something more than just amazing quality of coffee and called it "homo", as in ridiculous. There has been an official apology from Tim regarding his use of language. He apologized on Twitter, and via Interview.

Q: What did you think about his talk, if you were able to see the video?

Points: "Specialty  Coffee" - What's so SPECIAL about it?
Fair-Trade, Direct- Trade, Transparency..


  1. Did I just hear Tim say "fucking homos" "very very gay"???!!! I think thats absolutely appalling. Espresso Adventures and Tamper Tantrum should address this imediately. I am beyond offended.

  2. Thank you Anonymous.

    Please read my post regarding the remarks made in the video posted.