Thursday, June 14, 2012

ICE 2: Crema (Danforth)

Spotted: Crema (Danforth)
Address: 508 Danforth

ICE adventure: Overnight Cold Brew.
Current Offering: Guatemalan El Limnor
Roaster: Detour Coffee
Located: Dundas/Burlington, ON

The Barista was kind enough to speak to me about their cold brew method, using the overnight 18 hour steeping process.

Taste: compared to the Hot brew it doesn't live up to the Chemex, or French press. But I was able to get that raspberry, lemon and tea-like lingering mouth feel.

Definitely more acids than I prefer but it was quite refreshing.

One of the better cold brews in the city, definitely refreshed me enough to keep my going on these hot summer nights (days).

Will I be back; SURE!
Thanks Crema!!

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