Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wrap Up; LIT college 1st Anni

A great crowd of regulars, fans, friends and Family of LIT Espresso Bar came out in full force on Saturday night to celebrate the first year of business.

The atmosphere reflected the mid-to late 20s hipster/ fashionista crowd and clientele of the  neighbourhood. College Street, and Ossington Strip. Enough said. But that's just a lackluster description of the ample amount of LOVE that was in the room.Glasses clinking, music blaring, voices travelling, you could tell there was a party happening up in thurr.

Casual, Informal, Fun, pretentiousness-free Party. Mill St, Prosecco, omg baked goods<--> cupcakes were making their way around the room.
Great atmosphere to celebrate!

LIT didn't really observe Earth Hour, but hey it's kinda hard when the temperature drops to -7, when we've already approached Spring... No Patio weather quite yet.
Loud music pumping aside, it was a great event!

Thanks for the invite Nicole. Such a lovely Coffee Family.

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