Thursday, March 10, 2011

Featured: Addis Ketema

Mixed bag of weather (snow, slush, freezin rain, hail, flash cold, rain) these last couple of days has pushed me to get out earlier, and why not visit some local stomping grounds.

Spotted at Mercury Espresso Bar
Espresso: Addis Ketema
Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Roasters: George Howell

Verdict: Smooth brightness and a clean distinction of root/ginger spice pronounced on my tongue shining through the mellow pre-ripe peach (think texture as mouth feel)
Very different from when Mercury first received this roast.
Pleasantly, and unexpectedly had Matt pull the shots this AM.

What was different?
Lower temperature, courser grinds, heavier dose resulted in a noticeable difference from a couple of weeks ago when we got the lemon- sweet strawberry sugar tart (exaggeration...)
Thank you for experimenting and highlighting factors that can create this isolation in flavours for the palette.

Don't forget that Mercury is turning 5!!!
Birthday weekend celebrations next weekend!
March 19 and 20th, 2011
Saturday: full day of barista jamming, fundraiser for Coffee Kids, Beer, Latte Art, Pour over, and special roasts donated from Terrior/ GH Howell!
Sunday: Bandstand blowout! Think all-day music fest happening on Queen E.

To round out even more good news: Mamuto from Kenya will be back to ring in the Spring months. The Terrior Crew have saved the last bit for Mercury, so if you haven't had this roast, better try it before there is No More -end of season.

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