Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Only Cafe

The Only Cafe
Address: 972 Danforth Ave
Neighbourhood: the Danforth
Website; Tel: 416-463-7843

Shining some light for the East end. Many seem to think that beyond the Danforth there is a nothing; slightly true, but there is a love for these local establishments. Seeing as we just did the BWV, we had to represent the other side of the Bloor-Danforth line. Hopping off at Donlands Station, it reminded me of my time in Boston, Mass.

This lovely location was introduced/recommended to me first as the Only Cafe. Local bar/pub where the barkeeps knew you by face and name. Literally a narrow hall, with small tables and mismatched chairs this cozy warm feeling is how it can become your go-to location. .Yet, you won't find any historic brick exterior at this location, but instead a vibrant well painted mural on the outside creating a very welcoming attraction to on lookers. If you step in during the day,you'll be greeted by "the One and the Only Coffee House". Much more spacious then the "other side", with a plethora of comfy couches, wood tables and a general home-y feel. This can potentially act as your home away from home.

Machine: Synesso Cyncra
Beans: Black Cat Espresso
Roasters: Intelligenstia (Chicago)
Grinder: Mahlkoenig K30 Twin Espresso Grinder

Verdict: sharp acidic, bitter tones. Hmm, is this really the syrupy sweet iconic Black Cat?
I'm not too sold on how they prepared my shot, but I sure know this isn't the same stuff that's being pulled at Manic.

Giving them some cred here, their Latte stands up, but what happened to the quintessential double?
Not sure which factor played a "hand" in this poor representation of Chi-town's staple... but it's not for me.

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