Monday, March 14, 2011

NY: Oslo (Williamsburg, BK)

Oslo Coffee Roasters
Address:133 Roebling St. (map)
Neighbourhood: Williamsburg
Borough: Brooklyn
(718) 782-0332 website

Inspired by  Norwegian culture, and their mythical gods, comes this neighborhood centred cafe. Massive over sized doors, and many wood themed accents invoke a Scandinavian inspired design. This is everything that Williamsburg stands for: Community, community, community!

Having just stepped into the cafe, the duo team of John and jd made my visit definitely worth wild. The smallest details made me appreciate what the neighbourhood has on its hands, quality coffee with a sense of belonging. They even designed swim caps for the local Masters Swim Club. A TRUE neighbourhood cafe. Roast local, serve local, be local!

Large offset communal tables in the front dispersed with a great array of magazines reflect the interest of their customers. Surfing, Design, Current Events, seemed pretty Hodge podge to me, but it's what the community embraces. Sounds like a meeting places of different minds, mentalities and interests.

"COMMUNITY.  Most of what we do revolves around cultivating and sustaining a deep community of people who happen to be coffee lovers, or who have become coffee lovers because of what we have to offer: good coffee, good vibes all around.  Headline reads: Lawyer has existential conversation with hipster while sipping americano. We all live here, so naturally this is where we opened our shops; that's Brooklyn thinking.  Moving your company in from out of town to grab a piece of the third wave coffee pie is NOT Brooklyn thinking; it's corporatist thinking. "

Machine: La Marzocco Strada (Roebling) *NEW*
San Marco Leva handpull piston machine. (Bedford)
Grinder: Mazzers, Dittings, Malkonigs
Beans: ODIN ESPRESSO BLEND: Brazil Guatemala, Sumatra
Temp: 201 F
Specs: 2 oz in 30s
Seasonal pick: 50/50 blend of organic Brazil and Papua New Guinea. 
Turnover: Large Volume

Popular Choice: Houseblend THOR, as drip.  
Favorite espresso drink is a 12oz latte, with 8oz americano as a close 2nd.
Verdict: Chocolate!!! Hints of super strong mixed berries. Blueberry was quite prominent.

Many associate coffee/espresso with Italy, but in  Scandinavian countries it is customary to offer guests coffee.
In Italy, you walk into the door and it's Food + Wine.

Let's explore this:
NORWAY +  Strong Coffee + Cold weather = History of caffeine perfection.

This gives a great backdrop to how owner, jd and Roast master John describes the focus of their cafe.
Oslo Roasters have 2 locations, the flagship being Roebling opened it's doors in 2003

 Spinning the tunes of Talking Heads, LCD Sound System, Guided by Voices, Fergus and Geronimo... don't call this a "Third Wave" cafe. They could be upset, and for good reason.
"They excel at GOURMET COFFEE.  When people refer to us as 'third wave' coffee, we freak out a little bit.  Referring to something as a wave inherently means it's passing; it's ephemeral.  We were in Brooklyn serving gourmet coffee before the phrase 'third wave' was even coined, or at least popularized.  People have individual tastes and preferences, and that absolutely applies to coffee.  So, we don't tell people what they should enjoy or how they should enjoy it, either outright or subtly.  People around here seem to appreciate what we're doing with our coffee, and we're flattered." - John.

Their not party of the wave, but they sure as hell make great coffee.
Next time I'm in BK, I'll be sure to check out their roastery and their second location.
You should do the same!

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