Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthdays all weekend.

Crema on Bloor (located inside of the Freshii is turning One.

$2 Sumatra Blue Batak Clovers all day + Cake from Circles and Squares.
Verdict: Sweet lemon essence, with a resounding earthy mouthfeel signature of sumatran coffee. But the finish becomes this smoky smooth sweet tobacco taste that coats your mouth and leaves an amazing after-taste.
Great way to celebrate their first anniversary.

Saturday/Sunday: MUTHAF@#%KIN’ FIVE YEARS at Mercury Espresso

They even have the Mamuto on right now!
Thanks Nolan for pulling such a well calculated shot
Verdict:  lushish bittersweet chocolate infused with bright cherries.
Mouth feel was incredible WOW: great balance of acid and sweetness.
Just the continency you'd expect from Terrior.
 You can also win one of these nifty limited edition (25 were only pressed) T-shirts by purchase OR coming out to this weekend. Remember that donations will go towards Coffee Kids.
Sat eve: Barista Jams
Sun: Bandstand! Everyone loves indie music.

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