Monday, January 21, 2013

Opinions on year 3.... Happy belated

Espresso adventures is entering our third year, we've seen some good people go...and more offline experiences shared amongst our peers. But keep reading, I do urge you.

You've noticed that caf├ęs are opening up almost every other week in Toronto (current home base). Yet there haven't been many Reviews of late. The team has scouted, tasted, and even compared notes, but few have made it to the publishing floor... Why?? Let me place some perspective: consistency.

As with the top 10 list for 2012, it's not necessarily about wifi options, seating, design... These are all bonuses, it's about quality and consistency!

We hope to introduce our readers to a couple of places each month, but it's getting tougher to report....

Please, can we have more consistency, craftsmanship, and genuine coffee sharing???

Espresso Adventures team!


  1. agree, Despite all these newer cafes opening, it is comforting to know Mercury, Capital and Sam James are consistently GOOD for espresso.

    Perhaps, part of the problem is that many cafes in TO need to look outside of Southern Ontario for a roaster. (like Western Canada/USA)

  2. Given the delay at the boarders, along with additional costs it might be hard pressed for local shops to start using other roasters....

  3. No question border delays, shipping costs, duties etc are an important issue, but luckily Two If By Sea, Myriade and Revolver (my 3 fav Canadian cafes) continue to bring in great coffees from San Francisco and Portland. Social and Detour can't come close to those IMO.