Wednesday, January 2, 2013

9: LIT (College Street)

LIT Espresso Bar (College Street)
2 Locations: 221 Roncesvales Ave,
                      810 College St

Having been the only cafe to carry PDX's Stumptown in the early portion of the year, they've switched to new kids on the block (Pig Iron Coffee Roasters). Brother Sister duo continue to push us to taste, and taste we will.

The Family business is doing quite well, having recovered from closing up their in-house coffee bar within the Burroughes, their more focused then ever.

Different than hairbender, but with more attention to how their coffee is being roasted. It's this relationship between farm to cup that we should be proud that they took the plunge and started to roast for themselves.

Here's to continued success!
Top 10 (2012): Nine; 2011; Four (-5)

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