Monday, January 23, 2012

M^4: NYcC this past weekend

M^4: Coffee's notable news... 

Coffee Common busted onto the seen for a 4 day pop-up experience in Chelsea this past weekend. Read up and experience the ride with smdlr, through the vivid photos and amazing write-up, I felt as if I got a "fly on the wall" view of the event.

Bamboo Tampers... whoa

In case you missed it "Shit Barista Say..." (youtube) Thanks Sprudge

In response to what I made for Sunday Brunch:
Apple smoked Chardonnay Chicken Sausages, caramelized onions, organic Rye, velvety soft scrambled eggs and slices of ripe avocado..... super yummy! (not in photo DH Americano) Gluten-Free!

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