Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: Coffee Resolution

Starting the year off right with Annual Brunch with Friends is important to me.
Hats off to great friends, great food, and of course great coffee....
Included in this brunch of all epic brunches:
  • Bacon (buttered of course)
  • Potatoes with crunchy bits
  • Greek Yogourt with Honey, Fresh fruit and chopped almonds.
  • Homemade jams - ala exclusive limited apricot jam.
  • Yummy cheddar and mushroom fritata.....
OKAY - so if you haven't been paying attention, I really enjoy brunch - but specifically all the delicious breakfast items that come along for brunch. I start my days off right!

In 2012: not only will I continue my journey to experience great coffee, staying humble and learning more about brewing, tasting and ever expanding my knowledge... I will be featuring brunch companions or breakfast affairs that complimented the coffee (when I remember to document). This does not mean that I will be a food critic, but merely a place to share my brunch experience of flavours with my friends.. mmmmm....

In Coffee terms: Travelling more!!! Taking photos and sipping more delicious coffee!

Here's the 2012!!! Take it all in, because as Brit-Brit says "..keeping on dancing Til the World ends."

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