Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Friday: How much do you spend? (on coffee)

Just read up on my lovely friends data analysis of his 2011 year in Coffee (Indie Coffee Blog)

I do wonder how much I actually spend on Coffee consumption.... (maybe you'll see a report in 2012)...

For now it's just me a my notebook:

How many coffees do you consume in a day?
How much do you spend in a day/week/month/year?

Along with collecting all my coffee bags - I'll check out Daytum.

PS: what ghastly things will you be up today - it's Friday the 13th....


  1. On an average, just one coffee a day. If I'm working, documenting, discovering 4-5. Now, that I'm drinking more espresso, I find it also easier when i'm documenting to do a flight of coffees like espresso, drip and/or a coffee with some kind of milk - latte, flat white, capp etc. I try to go at least one day during the week without coffee, so I'm guessing I spend about $30 - are we including tips. lol

    1. That's good, $30... 4-5 drinks, and a day of no coffee - you are brave.
      I'm spending a pretty penny - but then again I'm also brewing and experimenting and discovering..... will need to limit spending to $30/wk (including tip)

      We're in tight economic times